Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Camping at the Friends of the Black Rock Rendezvous, May 2008

camping in my new (used) trailer on the Black Rock Playa, Memorial Day 2008. Can't find it? Next time, come with me. A glorious place on this earth.
Photo taken by my new friend, Ben Willett

Off to adventures in the Black Rock Desert playa near Gerlach, Nevada. (Ben Willett took the picture above)
Who is this happy camper? Me!!! On the Black Rock Desert Playa, one of my favorite places in the world. Pic taken by my new buddy Ben Willett.

Below is the scary playa driving after a rain. Mud and a sinking feeling that it might get deeper. But I'm back to write about it, thanks to Ben's off roading skills.

Trego Crossing from the Playa over the tracks. What is on the other side?

This is why you cross the tracks at Trego Crossing: to take a dip in Trego Ditch. Wonderful water with currents of hot and cool water. Best is all the mud at bottom that is clay-like and can be sculpted into lovely faces and such while lazing in the ditch.

this is a hot spring on private property - Camp David in Gerlach, Nevada, itself. The gate was opened this day and oh, how I wished David was home to ask permission for a dip.
The tin trough used by bathers at Double Hot Spring. The pipe brings water in from the way-too-hot spring and then we move it aside to let the tub cool down, adding more hot water as desired. Ahhhh.

Double Hot Spring near the Black Rock in BR Desert. This is where the dog jumped in and owner jumped after it - both were killed due to the hot water. Her husband tried to save her and was burned from the waist down. Now there is a warning sign. This is a HOT spring.

The Frog Pond on edge of Black Rock Desert Playa. You go on Memorial Day, it is occupado.
Warm pond adjacent to Frog Pond, built by Burning Man folks. All you need is a tent and a burn barrel for warmth.

THE black rock at end of the Black Rock desert

Ready to sink into this inviting Black Rock hot pond?

the Black Rock Hot Spring in full view

Dune and vegetation in the middle of the flat playa, forming around an underground spring - bubbling up in the middle. The area was fenced to keep ATV and other adventure riders from using it as a ramp.

C'est Moi in the Black Rock Hot Spring. I couldn't be happier.

(photo by Ben Willett)

Black rock hot spring on the Black Rock Desert, 25 miles from Gerlach, Nevada